Lambing Equipment

Lambing Equipment from CormacAdoption Fronts

  • Most popular lambing Pen 5ft x 5ft gives the lowland ewe sufficient space at lambing time.
  • Available painted and galvanised.
  • Inter-connectable with Cormac penning
  • Ideal adoption pen 5ft x 4ft
  • Adoption front consists of a restraining head gate and 2 stabilizing bars,extending into pen,preventing the ewe from moving within the unit

Lamb Revival UnitLamb Revival Unit from Cormac

  • This lamb revival unit increases the rate of recovery from hypothermia, stress, surgery and maintains a regular temperature in newborn animals.
  • Contains a fan heater which directs hot air throughout the unit.
  • Thermostatically controlled maintaining a desired temperature.
  • Available in plastic or timber

Animal surrogate feeder from CormacAnimal surrogate feeder

  • A must in a prolific flock with the possibility of triplets and quads.
  • Provides a constant supply of warm milk through teats
  • Integrated boiler warms up milk. Removable milk container helps with filling and cleaning.
  • Boiler can be drained without removing it from the unit
  • Removable teats for cleaning .Replacements are available